My name is Olivia Blackwell and I am a curious, socially conscious digital marketing and social media strategist. 
I am a recent college graduate from New York University (NYU). While at NYU, I studied Media, Culture, and Communication and minored in Africana Studies. Through these two fields (plus my time spent studying abroad on three different continents), I have found myself committed to telling the narratives of marginalized communities through digital storytelling and media.  
I believe in the power of the digital space to provide a platform to those that normally can't access one. No longer does anyone need to be an expert, all one has to have is a perspective that resonates with an audience. If that's not powerful, what is?
Likes: George Constanza, skincare and beauty, Black Twitter, sneaker shopping, traveling
Dislikes: pranks, olives, tardiness, the outdoors
Existential Dislikes: rats, bad sitcoms
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